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The redesigned MailMunch platform has sparked impressive results. We've witnessed a significant boost in user engagement, with a noteworthy increase in our retention rate.
Adeel Raza
CEO Unlayer (YC)

It’s not just about hiring a designer, it’s about gaining a design partner who goes the extra mile

Personalised Onboarding

We guide you through onboarding with a friendly tour of our practices and a chat about our work ethics. It’s that simple.

Dedicated Team

Collaborate closely with our team of experienced professionals, gaining the essential insights you need to succeed.

Realtime Updates

Stay informed with real-time updates, know what we’re doing and where are we heading. 

Complete timezone coverage

We operate around the clock, ensuring support and availability in every timezone.

Support of multiple projects

Get stuff done for more than one projects simultaneously

Pause Anytime

Pause your subscription when you need a break, and resume whenever you’re ready

What do you get by choosing Hapy design

When you hire Hapy designers, you get product experts

hapy design
Easy engagement model: one flat monthly fee
Talented team bringing diverse industry experience to the table
Get your design in just two business days on average.
Pause or take a break anytime
Every design is crafted exclusively for you and is entirely yours.
Exceptional design quality at your fingertips whenever you need it.

any questions? here are some frequently asked ones

Freelancer vs Agency: what’s better? 

Freelancers are ideal for small-scale, short-term projects. However, for complex and long-term projects, agencies are best. They are reliable and more organized as they have multiple experts with diverse skill sets and years of experience.

Why not hire a designer?

Hiring not only consumes time with interviews and tests but also comes with significant costs, as the average salary of a product designer is around $125,000.

How do you onboard new clients?

Our onboarding process is very easy. Once you contact us, you’ll be added to a basecamp project where all our communication will take place. 

Is there a limit on design requests?

No limits! You can throw as many design requests as confetti, as long as you are subscribed. We’ll get your work done in no time.

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Tahseen started Hapy Design and has worked with design teams at several startups. Want to have a friendly chat about your ideas? Schedule a discovery call with him today. Ask him about his Twitter story.

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