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Hapy Design specializes in creating exceptional user-centric web designs for startups that convert visitors into customers.

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Subscribe and we’ll set up your personalized project workspace. This is where you’ll connect directly with our dedicated designer.

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Share your design requests, our dedicated designer will start working on them and ensure completion in minimal time. 


Have your designs revamped by our designer until you are completely satisfied with the final result. 


Drive growth and conversions with our creative input and user-centric approach. 

Join us on a design journey where each detail brings your vision to life, as we create functional designs just for you.

Attention founders and startup leaders!

Work with the best designers to give a new dimension to your startup. Lead your business with designs that speak volumes and access swift design services through direct collaboration and seamless communication between your team and ours.

I'm impressed with their patience, understanding, and efficiency. They accommodate our various circumstances and are always there to respond whenever we need them.
Twila K
Founder & Owner BlendedApp

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all those eager to tap into high-end product design services.


Save costs and increase efficiency with our top-quality work. 


Refine your product or idea as our experts breathe life into it. 


Struggling with subpar design or lack of progress? We’ll guide you towards success. 

Hapy Design covers all your design needs

mobile app

saas app

website design

brand design

design systems

onboarding flows


landing page design

custom illustration


blogs & social media graphics

web app

web dashboard



style guides

information architecture

video editing

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Two request at a time

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Average 2-3 days delivery

Unlimited design requests

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Start with 3 days free trial
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Mobile Apps and Web Apps: custom pricing for long-term projects
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Revision on request

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The redesigned MailMunch platform has sparked impressive results. We've witnessed a significant boost in user engagement, with a noteworthy increase in our retention rate.
Adeel Raza
CEO Unlayer (YC)

Hapy Design is all about creating exceptional designs and pushing creative boundaries to bring visions to life.

What businesses say about working with Hapy Design

They consistently push the boundaries of creativity, infusing unique and cutting-edge elements into their designs. 
Nimra Haider
ReactJs Accessibility Expert
They were communicative, timely, and accessible. Overall, their incredible performance allowed them to establish a strong partnership.
Gerald Albritton
Owner, Major Clout Trucking
Their understanding of the users and industry was impressive.
Mahad Ahmad
CEO, Remoty, Inc
Weekly meetings. The team is efficient, and they respond and fix issues quickly. Professional, friendly and great design.
Afshan Shafi
Founder & Editor pandemonium
Hapy Design worked well and delivered numerous designs, exquisitely improving the platform. The team was accessible and understanding throughout the engagement, ensuring seamless processes. Above all, their comprehension and prowess in Shopify Polaris were highly impressive.
Rahul Nagare
Manager, CTO, SaaS Company
I'm impressed with their patience, understanding, and efficiency. They accommodate our various circumstances and are always there to respond whenever we need them.
Twila K
Founder & Owner BlendedApp
Even though it's a young team but their knowledge about product design is great. If you're looking for someone who can take the pain out of designing a modern and enterprise-grade product, you should be talking to Hapy Design.
Usman Butt
CEO, RepairDesk Inc
They offer competitive rates, and we’re impressed that they know what they’re doing.
Max Gonchar
Manager, First Response Phone Repair

any questions? here are some frequently asked ones

Freelancer vs Agency: what’s better? 

Freelancers are ideal for small-scale, short-term projects. However, for complex and long-term projects, agencies are best. They are reliable and more organized as they have multiple experts with diverse skill sets and years of experience.

Why not hire a designer?

Hiring not only consumes time with interviews and tests but also comes with significant costs, as the average salary of a product designer is around $125,000.

How do you onboard new clients?

Our onboarding process is very easy. Once you contact us, you’ll be added to a basecamp project where all our communication will take place. 

Is there a limit on design requests?

No limits! You can throw as many design requests as confetti, as long as you are subscribed. We’ll get your work done in no time.

We efficiently meet your design needs, regardless of scale or complexity.

Start with a FREE 3-day trial

Tahseen started Hapy Design and has worked with design teams at several startups. Want to have a friendly chat about your ideas? Schedule a discovery call with him today. Ask him about his Twitter story.

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